Polycarbonate Sheets for Roofing

POLYCARBONATE  SHEETS are a glass-like, virtually unbreakable plastic that makes it perfect for the high stress environment required by today’s jet fighter canopies. These properties also make polycarbonate the perfect material for canopies and carports since it allows the light transmission benefits of glass, but with added safety of being virtually unbreakable. They are very flexible and come in a range of sizes and shapes and styles such as corrugated roofing sheets.

Did you know? Although polycarbonate is virtually an unbreakable polymer, the quality and process of polycarbonate during manufacturing is critical to the final result and to overall performance.

Polycarbonate panels have UV protection that protects them from harmful UV rays and harsh weather, allowing quality and durability for years of use. Looking at the polycarbonate with the naked eye, it's impossible to determine if the panel has UV protection or not, this can be only determined by testing in a laboratory.
A new panel of polycarbonate without UV protection may look shiny and feel sturdy at first, but overtime and as a result of exposure to sunlight and weather conditions the polycarbonate will change its physical and visible characteristics.

Before you're choosing your polycarbonate roofing supplier it is important to pay attention to the specifications and features of the polycarbonate panels and to make sure they are manufactured by a known and trusted manufacturer. This is very important aspect in order to ensure quality, durability and safety of your polycarbonate roof for many years to come.
You should not be tempted by slightly lower prices for a poor quality polycarbonate greenhouse.

Another benefit of UV protected panels refers to your furnishings and furniture. Since the panels have UV protection they also protect your car and belongings from harmful UV rays