How to reduce traffic noise

I live on a busy road. How do I reduce traffic noise?

Omega supplies a wide range of secondary glazing solutions which if correctly fitted can significantly reduce traffic noise.
ü Fit secondary glazing ideally 150-200mm away from your existing glass
ü Use a different thickness of secondary glazing to your primary window. Most primary glazing is 4mm so 6mm secondary glazing is usually a good option
ü Specialist acoustic laminate glass  is very effective
ü Ensure when fitted it is well sealed
There are a number of other things that can help too.
§  Ensure your existing windows are well fitted and sealed. If possible good quality double or triple glazing will help.
§  If you are in a listed property there are firms that will refurbish sash windows
§  Fit internal shutters, well sealed along the edges and frame (price £700-2000 a pair)
§  Endure your cavity walls and roof are well insulated.
§  Fitted carpets and soft furnishings can help muffle sound

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