Recently we received a question from a star gazer who wanted to be able to look at the stars through her conservatory roof in both Summer and Winter without being either baked or frozen. I thought some of our readers may be interested in our comments.

It is possible to achieve some of what you want but it will be a compromise.

If you want a room where it really does manage the heat in the Summer and the roof is well insulated in Winter nothing quite beats a well insulated tiled roof. However that is not much good for looking at the stars.

If you want a fully transparent roof the only option is glass as the view through the polycarbonate will be distorted.

As regards the insulation and solar reflection that will depend on how much you want to pay. There will be a tint in the glass to give you the solar control which will make the glass look slightly blue, bronze or green but it will still be transparent. At night if the conservatory is brightly lit inside you may get a slight reflection from the roof.

Glass Type U value Argon Light Solar Heat SqM Price
Filled Trans Reflect Budget ex VAT
Neutral Self Clean 2.7 No 45% 53% £98.00
Solar Bronze Low E 1.2 No 44% 65% £90.00
Blue Self Clean 1.0 Yes 47% 67% £110.00
Green Self Clean 1.0 Yes 32% 78% £126.00

The lower the U value the better the insulation. Therefore the optimum product for insulation and solar reflection is Green self clean.

We can supply this to most addresses throughout the UK. If you would like to quote for supplying this ,send through the roof sizes etc and I will send you a quote. We can also supply glazing bars etc if required.


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