At this time of year we get many enquiries from customers on how they can insulate their windows. If they live in a older property or a listed building standard double glazing can be unsightly and expensive. There now is a cost effective alternative. We have in stock glazing strips which can be used to fix a panel of clear acrylic or plate polycarbonate over your existing window. The glazing strips have double sided tape which can be used to attach them to the window frame. If you want to be able to totally remove the panel and fittings in the warmer monthes we recommend screwing the strips into place. See our diy secondary glazing kits website for more details.

The cost of secondary glazing and fixings for a 1.25m by 1.25m window is £48.80 inc VAT using 4mm acrylic.

Acrylic is 8 times stronger than glass and is UV resistant. Plate polycarbonate is over 200 times stronger than glass and is UV stabilised so is ideal where you are worried about breakage and for long term exposure to sunlight.