Solar Inserts keeping your conservatory cool.

We have been surveying some of our customers on how they feel about their conservatories. Its not a great story in that only 3% of them think its a room they can use all year round. Over 58% of customers say its too hot in Summer and 38% say its too cold in Winter. As most of this heat is coming through the roof some people have resorted to slating over the roof. Desperate Measures indeed !

There is a better solution for polycarbonate roofs which will enable you to enjoy your conservatory whilst maintaining a light roof. It is solar inserts.

They are metallised polyester solar foil with UV protection. They are inserted in the top flutes of your polycarbonate roof and reflect 80% of the solar heat before it even gets into your conservatory. They are very thin and so still let high levels of light through.

You can either get a company to fit them for you or if you have the patience you can buy a kit to fit them your self.

If you want some advice on wether they will be suitable for your roof either post a comment on this blog or email


Anonymous said…
How easy are these to fit your self? I have a lean to conservatory. Thanks
Peter said…
Will they make my conservatory dark?